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I’m actually surprised (pleasantly!) someone put a bid on me, seriously….on the scale of being active in Teen Wolf fandom…from 1-100, I’m probably sitting at a good 240. I really need to tell my job to kick rocks so I can spread my creative wings a little more freely.

But if you want to bid, to help contribute to a good cause, my thread is HERE. I have very few squicks and while I tend to write darker/angstier things, I can totally be down with the good/fluffy feels —->Link to my Fic Archive @LJ HERE or AO3.

Correction though, I meant to type I would write Scott/Allison along with Sterek, but  I guess in my sleepy little mind I mistakenly typed Stiles/Allison, which is so not a ship I ship, but oh wells: fiction set sail.